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Win32::Resources::Update - Update resources in a windows executable


  use Win32::Resources::Update;


Win32::Resources::Update can add, update and delete resources in a windows executable (.exe or .dll).


$exe = Win32::Resources::Update->new(filename)

Returns a new instance of a Win32::Resources::Update object.

filename: the .exe or .dll path


Commit all the changes and re-open the file to resume updating.


Add or replace a resource in the .exe or .dll file.

$args is the same style as in a Win32::Resources::LoadResource call.

There is one more parameter: data: the data to put in the resource.


Delete a resource.


Add a XP manifest to the windows executable file.

$desc is the application description to include in the manifest.


Delete the XP manifest in the exe file.


Please report any requests, suggestions or bugs via the RT bug-tracking system at or email to bug-Win32-Resources\ is the RT queue for Win32::Resources. Please check to see if your bug has already been reported.


Copyright 2004

Fabien Potencier,

This software may be freely copied and distributed under the same terms and conditions as Perl.


perl(1), Win32::Exe, Win32::Resources.