Win32::Wlan - Query wlan properties


    require Win32::Wlan;
    my $wlan = Win32::Wlan->new;
    if ($wlan->available) {
        print "Connected to ", $wlan->connection->{profile_name},"\n";
        print "I see the following networks\n";
        for ($wlan->visible_networks) {
            printf "%s\t-%d dbm\n", $_->{name}, $_->{signal_quality};

    } else {
        print "No Wlan detected (or switched off)\n";


Win32::Wlan->new( %args )

    my $wlan = Win32::Wlan->new();

Creates a new Win32::Wlan object.

  • available - optional argument to force detection of general Wlan availability

  • handle - optional argument to give an existing Wlan handle to the object

  • interface - optional argument to give an existing guuid to the object


Returns the Windows API handle for the Wlan API.


    print $wlan->interface->{name};

Returns a hashref describing the interface. The keys are guuid for the guuid, name for the human-readable name and status for the status of the interface.


        or warn "Wlan API is not available";

Returns whether the Wlan API is available. The Wlan API is available on Windows XP SP3 or higher.


        or warn "Wlan connection unavailable";

Returns whether a Wlan connection is established. No connection is established when Wlan is switched off or no access point is in range.


    if ($wlan->connected) {
        print "Connected to ";
        print $wlan->connection->{profile_name};

Returns information about the current connection in a hashref. The keys are

  • profile_name - the name of the profile of the current connection


Returns information about the currently visible networks as a list of hashrefs.

  • ssid - the SSID of the network

  • signal_quality - the signal quality ranging linearly from 0 to 100 meaning -100 dbm to -50 dbm


This module only supports the first wireless connection. If your machine has more than one wireless connection, you will need to use Win32::Wlan::API directly.

Currently, the module also has no way of determining whether Wlan gets switched on or off.


Win32::Wlan::API - the wrapper for the Windows API

Windows Native Wifi Reference


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