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With::Roles - Create role/class/object with composed roles


  use With::Roles;
  # create class inheriting from My::Class, with My::Role applied
  my $class = My::Class->with::roles('My::Role');

  # create a role with My::Role, then Another::Role applied
  my $role = My::Role->with::roles('Another::Role');

  # generated role can be applied
  my $obj = My::Class->with::roles($role)->new;

  # apply role to object

  # applies the role My::Class::Role::My::Role
  my $another_class = My::Class->with::roles('+My::Role');


This module provides an easy to use global function that can be used on any package to create a new package with a set of roles applied.

When used on classes, generates a subclass with the given roles applied.

When used on roles, generates a new role with the base and given roles applied.

When used on objects, applies the roles to the object and returns the object. Unlike with roles and classes, this modifies the invocant.

Compatible with Moose, Moo, Mouse, and Role::Tiny roles and classes.

The generated packages will have names based on the original classes and roles to aid with debugging. The exact form of the generated names should not be relied on.

A shorthand of +RoleName can be used for roles named like MyClass::Role::RoleName. Additional roles applied will continue to base the name on the original class. The package can also provide a method ROLE_BASE to return a prefix to use other than MyClass::Role. ROLE_BASE support is experimental, and may be removed or changed in a future version.


haarg - Graham Knop (cpan:HAARG) <haarg@haarg.org>


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Copyright (c) 2019 the With::Roles "AUTHOR" and "CONTRIBUTORS" as listed above.


This library is free software and may be distributed under the same terms as perl itself. See https://dev.perl.org/licenses/.