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XAO::Base - Set of base classes for the XAO family of products


XAO::Base is really a collection of some very basic modules that are used throughout XAO suite. They include:


Generator of error namespaces for use in error throwing catching. See the XAO::Errors manpage.


Loader of dynamic objects, practically everything else in the XAO suite depends on this module. See the XAO::Objects manpage.


Registry of projects and context switcher. Mostly used in XAO::Web to store site configurations and database handlers in mod_perl environment, but is not limited to that. See the XAO::Projects manpage.


Probably the oldest object in the suite, represents interface to a hash with some extended functionality like URI style references to hashes. See the XAO::SimpleHash manpage.


Variety of small exportable subroutines -- random key generation, text utilities, debugging. See the XAO::Utils manpage.


Base configuration object that allows to embed other configuration objects into it. See the XAO::DO::Config manpage.


XAO Inc., Copyright (C) 1997-2003