Andrew Maltsev


XAO::DO::Atom - recommended base object for all XAO dynamic objects


Throwing an error from XAO object:

 throw $self "method - no 'foo' parameter";


Provides some very basic functionality and common methods for all XAO dynamic objects.

Atom (XAO::DO::Atom) was introduced in the release 1.03 mainly to make error throwing uniform in all objects. There are many objects currently not derived from Atom, but that will eventually change.

All new XAO dynamic object should use Atom as their base if they are not already based on dynamic object.


new (%)

Generic new - just stores everything that it gets in a hash. Can be overriden if an object uses something different then a hash as a base or needs a different behavior.

throw ($)

Helps to write code like:

 sub foobar ($%) {
    my $self=shift;
    my $args=get_args(\@_);

    my $id=$args->{id} || throw $self "foobar - no 'id' given";

It is recommended to always use text maessages af the following format:

 "function_name - error description starting from lowercase letter"

There is no need to print class name, it will be prepended to the front of your error message automatically.




Copyright (c) 2002 XAO, Inc.

Andrew Maltsev <>.



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