XML::Atom::Syndication::Text - class representing an Atom text construct


A Text construct contains human-readable text, usually in small quantities. Its content (body) is Language-Sensitive.


XML::Atom::Syndication::Text is a subclass of XML::Atom::Syndication:::Object that it inherits a number of methods from. You should already be familiar with this base class before proceeding.

All of these accessors return a string. You can set these elements by passing in an optional string.


An accessor to the text itself.


The format of the text. The value of type may be one "text", "html", or "xhtml". Unlike the type attribute in the content element, this attribute MAY NOT be a MIME type. If undefined "text" should be assumed.


Please see the XML::Atom::Syndication manpage for author, copyright, and license information.

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