XML::Compile::WSS - OASIS Web Services Security


 XML::Compile::WSS is extended by


 # This modules can be used "stand-alone" ==>
 my $schema = XML::Compile::Cache->new(...);
 my $auth   = XML::Compile::WSS::BasicAuth->new
   (schema => $schema, username => $user, ...);
 my $elem   = $auth->create($doc, $data);

 # ==> or as SOAP client
 my $wss    = XML::Compile::SOAP::WSS->new;
 my $wsdl   = XML::Compile::WSDL11->new($wsdlfn);
 my $auth   = $wss->basicAuth(username => $user, ...);  # once!

 # SOAP call, compile on demand
 my $answer = $wsdl->call($operation, wsse_Security => $auth, %data);
 # same, because "all" defined is default, $auth is in 'all'
 my $answer = $wsdl->call($operation, %data);

 # or SOAP call, explicit compile
 my $call   = $wsdl->compileClient($operation);
 my $answer = $call->(%data);


The Web Services Security working group of W3C develops a set of standards which add signatures and encryption to XML.

This module implements features in the Security header. One header may contain more than one of these features:




 -Option     --Default
  prepare      'ALL'
  schema       undef
  version      undef
  wss_version  <required>
prepare => 'READER'|'WRITER'|'ALL'|'NONE'
schema => an XML::Compile::Cache object

Add the WSS extension information to the provided schema. If not provided at instantiation, you have to call loadSchemas() before compiling readers and writers.

version => STRING

Alternative for wss_version, but not always as clear.

wss_version => '1.1'|MODULE

[1.0] Explicitly state which version WSS needs to be produced. You may use a version number. You may also use the MODULE name, which is a namespace constant, provided via ::Util. The only option is currently WSS11MODULE.



Returns the schema used to implement this feature.


Returns the version number.



Check whether received $security information is correct. Each active WSS feature must check whether it finds information for it.

$obj->create($doc, $security, $data)

Adds some WSS element to $security. The $data is the structure which is passed to some writer (for instance, the $data which the user passes to the SOAP call). There is quite some flexibility in that structure, so should not be used, in general.



Returns a structure which can be used as timestamp, for instance in Created and Expires fields. This helper function will help you use these timestamp fields correctly.

The WSU10 specification defines a free format timestamp. Of course, that is very impractical. Typically a "design by committee" decission. Also, the standard does not describe the ValueType field, which is often used to cover this design mistake.


  # Both will get ValueType="$xsd/dateTime"
  Created => time()                 # will get formatted
  Created => '2012-10-14T22:26:21Z' # autodected ValueType

  # Explicit formatting
  Created => { _ => 'this Christmas'
             , ValueType => ''

  # No ValueType added
  Created => '2012-11-01'


$obj->loadSchemas($schema, $version)
XML::Compile::WSS->loadSchemas($schema, $version)

$schema must extend XML::Compile::Cache.

The $schema settings will may changed a little. For one, the allow_undeclared flag will be set. Also, any_element will be set to 'ATTEMPT' and mixed_elements to 'STRUCTURAL'.

You can not mix multiple versions of WSS inside one $schema, because there will be too much confusion about prefixes.


Creates a hook for an XML producer (writer), to understand wsu:Id on elements of $type.



A huge number of specifications act in this field. Every self respecting company has contributed its own implementation into the field. A lot of this is not supported, but the list of constants should be complete in XML::Compile::WSS::Util.

  • XML Security Generic Hybrid Ciphers, 3 March 2011

  • XML Signature Properties, 3 March 2011

  • XML Signature Syntax and Processing Version 1.1, 3 March 2011

  • SOAP message security, March 2004

  • XML Signature Syntax and Processing (Second Edition), 10 June 2008

  • RFC4050 Using the ECDSA for XML Digital Signatures, april 2005

  • RFC4051 Additional XML Security Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), april 2005

  • XML Encryption Syntax and Processing, 10 December 2002


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