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Author image Matthew MacKenzie

Version: 0.1

$Id: Config.pm,v 1.2 2000/05/21 23:41:03 matt Exp $


use XML::Config;

my $cfg = new XML::Config; my %CONF = $cfg->load_conf("path/to/file.xml");


my %CONF = $cfg->load_conf("path/to/file.xml",\%your_local_config_hash);


my %CONF = $cfg->load_conf("path/to/file.xml",\%your_local_config_hash, \@do_not_overide_these);


XML::Config is a simple shallow XML to hash converter. Given a configuration file in the form:

<goxml_config process="spider"> <foo>Bar</foo> <bar>Foo</bar> </goxml_config>

... XML::Config->load_conf returns:

{ foo => 'bar', bar => 'foo' }

XML::Config will also try to load "path/to/file.xml.bak" in the case of a non-file not found parse error. if it does this, it will set the err_str to "WARN: Loaded backup configuration\n";

The second way of calling load_conf() with the hash reference allows you to set defaults to your config hash, and have the XML overide some of them.

The third way makes it possible to disallow overwrites of certain variables. This is a good security measure. =head1 METHODS

load_conf($conf_file_path) err_str()


XML Global Technologies, Inc (Matthew MacKenzie)


(c)2000 XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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