XML::DOM2::Parser - Sax based xml parser for XML::DOM2


This parser was constructed using XML::SAX::PurePerl which Was known at the time to lack a number of calls which where important for dealing with things like document type and text formating and xml decls. hopfully in the future this will be fixed and this method will be able to take advantage of those part of an xml page.

$parser->new( %options )

  Create a new parser object.


  Return the document object

$parser->start_document( $document )

  Called at the start of a document.


  Called at the end of a document.

$parser->start_element( $node )

  Start a new xml element

$parser->end_element( $element )

  Ends an xml element


  Handle part of a cdata by concatination


  Handle combined text strings as cdata


 WARNING: Comments are currently removed!


  Never used by parser.


  Never used by parser.


  Never used by parser.

$parser->doctype_decl( $dtd )

  We want to store the below details for the document creation

$parser->xml_decl( $xml )

  Decode the xml decleration information.


Martin Owens,