Timothy Appnel


XML::Elemental::Document - a generic document object.


XML::Elemental::Document is a subclass of XML::Elemental::Node that can be used with the Elemental parser to represent the document (root) node.



Parameterless constructor. Returns an instance of the object.


Returns an ordered array reference of direct sibling objects. In the case of the document object it will return 0 to 1 elements. Returns a reference to an empty array if the element does not have any siblings. If a parameter is passed all the direct siblings are (re)set.


Returns the root element of the document. This a connivence method that is the equivalent of:


Inherited from XML::Elemental::Node, returns a reference to itself.


Inherited from XML::Elemental::Node, returns undef. The document object never has ancestors.


Inherited from XML::Elemental::Node, returns undef. The document object is always the root of the tree.


Please see the XML::Elemental manpage for author, copyright, and license information.

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