XML::GDOME::SAX::Parser - GDOME DOM based SAX Parser


  my $handler = MySAXHandler->new();
  my $parser = XML::GDOME::SAX::Parser->new(Handler => $handler);


This class allows you to generate SAX2 events using GDOME. Note that this is not a stream based parser, instead it parses documents into a DOM and traverses the DOM tree. The reason being that libxml2's stream based parsing is extremely primitive, and would require an extreme amount of work to allow SAX2 parsing in a stream manner.


The API is exactly the same as any other Perl SAX2 parser. See XML::SAX::Intro for details.

Aside from the regular parsing methods, you can access the DOM tree traverser directly, using the generate() method:

  my $parser = XML::GDOME::SAX::Parser->new(...);

This is useful for serializing DOM trees, for example that you might have done prior processing on, or that you have as a result of XSLT processing.