XML::RDDL - Interface to RDDL (


  use XML::RDDL;
  use MySAX2Driver;

  my $handler = XML::RDDL->new(
                                default_lang     => 'en',
                                default_base_uri => 'http://foo/doc.xml',
  my $driver = MySAX2Driver->new(Handler => $handler);
  my $rddl = $driver->parse($some_rddl);


RDDL (Resource Directory Description Language) is an XML vocabulary used to described resources associated with a namespace. It can be embedded inside other XML vocabularies (most frequently XHTML).

This module is meant to be used as a SAX2 handler that will return a Directory instance containing all resource descriptions at the end of the parse.



Creates an XML::RDDL instance which is a SAX2 handler. The options are:

  - default_lang
    the default language (as described in an xml:lang attribute) to
    be used. It is recommended that this be used if you want to have
    multilingual resources and your document doesn't contain
    sufficient xml:lang attributes.

  - default_base_uri
    the default base URI (as described in an xml:base attribute) to
    be used (principally in xlink:href resolution). It is recommended
    that this be used if you want to resolve the xlink:hrefs and the
    document doesn't contain the appropriate xml:base attributes.


Robin Berjon,


Copyright (c) 2001-2002 Robin Berjon. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

SEE ALSO, XML::RDDL::Directory, XML::RDDL::Resource, XML::RDDL::Driver