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XML::XOXO::Node -- a node in the XML::RSS::Parser parse tree.


XML::XOXO::Node->new( [\%init] )

Constructor for XML::XOXO::Node.


Returns a reference to the root node of from the parse tree.

$element->parent( [$element] )

Returns a reference to the parent node. A XML::XOXO::Node object or one of its subclasses can be passed to optionally set the parent.

$element->name( [$extended_name] )

Returns the name of the node (that XHTML tag) as a SCALAR.

$element->attributes( [\%attributes] )

Returns a HASH reference contain attributes and their values as key value pairs. An optional parameter of a HASH reference can be passed in to set multiple attributes. Returns undef if no attributes exist. NOTE: When setting attributes with this method, all existing attributes are overwritten irregardless of whether they are present in the hash being passed in.

This is where the node information, such as url, text, and description, is be found. Values are scalars unless they are multi-valued in which an ARRAY reference is returned.


Returns an ordered ARRAY reference of direct sibling nodes. Returns a reference to an empty array if the element does not have any siblings. If a parameter is passed all the direct siblings are (re)set.


Creates an XHTML fragment for the node including its siblings. This has its limitations, but should suffice for the relatively straight-forward markup used by XOXO.

XPath-esque Methods


Finds matching nodes using an XPath-esque query from anywhere in the tree. See the Class::XPath documentation for more information.


Returns a unique XPath string to the current node which can be used as an identifier.

These methods were implemented for internal use with Class::XPath and have now been exposed for general use.


XML::Parser, Class::XPath


Please see the XML::XOXO manpage for author, copyright, and license information.

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