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XML::XQL::DOM - Adds XQL support to XML::DOM nodes


 use XML::XQL;
 use XML::XQL::DOM;

 $parser = new XML::DOM::Parser;
 $doc = $parser->parsefile ("file.xml");

 # Return all elements with tagName='title' under the root element 'book'
 $query = new XML::XQL::Query (Expr => "book/title");
 @result = $query->solve ($doc);

 # Or (to save some typing)
 @result = XML::XQL::solve ("book/title", $doc);

 # Or (see XML::DOM::Node)
 @result = $doc->xql ("book/title");


XML::XQL::DOM adds methods to XML::DOM nodes to support XQL queries on XML::DOM document structures.

See XML::XQL and XML::XQL::Query for more details. XML::DOM::Node describes the xql() method.