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XML::miniXQL - Module for doing stream based XML queries


  use XML::miniXQL;

  my $results = XML::miniXQL::queryXML({Style => 'Hash'}, $xml, @searches);


This module provides a simplistic XQL like search engine for XML files. It only supports a subset of XQL, because it does all it's searching on streams, not on the document as a whole (unlike XML::XQL). For this reason, only ancestor relationships are supported, not sibling or child relationships. XML::miniXQL also doesn't return nodes, it only returns the value (text) found as the result of the query. As a result, you can't use this module for node manipulation, however it's faster than XML::XQL, so it can be used on a web backend or some such environment. Xmerge is provided as an example of usage.

The queries are passed in as an array of queries, and the results passed out as either a simple tuple list (each alternate value is either the query or the result respectively), or as a hash with the values being an array. See as an example of the Hash style. The List style is the default.


Matt Sergeant