XT::Files::Plugin::Dirs - plugin to add directories to be tested


Version 0.002


In the XT::Files config file:

    bin = bin
    bin = script
    module = lib
    test = t
    test = xt


Adds some directories to XT::Files to be tested by author tests. Every file found in the directory that matches the directory types criteria, is added, as the specified type.

The files are searched recursive. Symlinks are skipped.

The directories are sorted and processed in reverse order. This allows you to e.g. add

    bin = maint
    module = maint/lib

and maint/lib will be searched first. Then, when maint is searched all the files found from maint/lib won't be overwritten, effectively blocking them from being found as bin.

The following options are supported:

  • bin

    Adds all files contained in these directories as Perl scripts to the list of files to be tested.

  • module

    Adds all files with the .pm extension, contained in these directories, as module files to the list of files to be tested. Files with the .pod extension are added as Pod files.

  • test

    Adds all files contained in these directories with the .t extension as test files.



Inherited from XT::Files::Plugin.


The run method should not be run directly. Use the plugin call from XT::Files


XT::Files, XT::Files::Plugin, XT::Files::Plugin::Default


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