Ran Eilam


XUL::Node::Application - base class for XUL-Node applications


  # subclassing to create your own application
  package XUL::Node::Application::MyApp;
  use base 'XUL::Node::Application';
  sub start { Window(Label(value => 'Welcome to MyApp')) }

  # running the application from some handler in some server
  use XUL::Node::Application;

  # Firefox URL


To create a XUL-Node application, subclass from this class and provide one template method: start(). It will be called when the application is started.

XUL::Node::Server::Session starts applications by calling the class method create($application_name), then creating a closure which calls start() on the application object. The closure is run by the change manager, which collects any changes to nodes so they can be passed to the client.