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YAML::Tiny::LikeJSON - Use YAML::Tiny like JSON


version 0.0011


    use YAML::Tiny::LikeJSON;

    my $yaml = YAML::Tiny::LikeJSON->new;

    my $data = $yaml->decode( <<_END_ );
    apple: 1
        - 1
        - 2
        - 3

    print $yaml->encode( $data );
    # Prints out the following: (without the '---' document separator)
    # apple: 1
    # banana:
    #     - 1
    #     - 2
    #     - 3


YAML::Tiny::LikeJSON provides a way to encode/decode YAML (Tiny) in a way similar to how JSON.pm works.

It will only deal with one YAML document at a time, so if you try to decode more than one document, it will ignore every document but the first (and issue a warning at the same time). For example:

    YAML::Tiny::LikeJSON->decode( <<_END_ );
    apple: 1
    banana: 2

    # The above will emit the following warning:

    Decoded more than 1 document (actually 2, but only returning the first)


$yaml = YAML::Tiny::LikeJSON->new

Create a handle for invoking encode/decode

Does not accept any arguments or options (for now)

$document = YAML::Tiny::LikeJSON->encode( $data )

$document = $yaml->encode( $data )

Return a YAML encoded string representing $data

The returned string will not have the leading YAML document separator (---)

$data = YAML::Tiny::LikeJSON->decode( $document )

$data = $yaml->encode( $document )

Return some Perl data representing $document

Will only return data from the first document. Data from following documents will be discarded (with a warning)


  Robert Krimen <robertkrimen@gmail.com>


This software is copyright (c) 2010 by Robert Krimen.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.