ZipTie::Client - Webservice client for the ZipTie server


Version 1.3


use ZipTie::Client;

my $client = ZipTie::Client->new(username => 'admin', password => 'password', host => 'localhost:8080', );

$client->devices()->createDevice('', 'Default', 'ZipTie::Adapters::Cisco::IOS');

$client->devicetags()->addTag('HQ'); $client->devicetags()->tagDevices('HQ', '');


ZipTie::Client is a simple webservice client for a ZipTie server.


$client = ZipTie::Client->new( %options ) Creates the client.
  username:  The ZipTie server username
  password:  The ZipTie server password
  host:      The ZipTie server host and port.  (Defaults to 'localhost:8080')
  scheme:    The protocol scheme to use to connect to the server.  (Defaults to 'https')
  on_fault:  The method that will be called when there is an error from the server.  (Default will call C<die()>)

If no username is specified the ZipTie::Client will try to use $ENV{'ZIPTIE_AUTHENTICATION'} to authenticate. This environment variable is set by the ZipTie server when running script tools. Authors of script tools my simply create an instance of the ZipTie::Client with no options and the authentication will be handled automatically.

port Gets an instance of a webservice endpoint. As a shortcut ports can be accessed directly with a method named the same as the port name.
  # These two lines do the same thing.
  $port = $client->port("devices");
  $port = $client->devices();
logout Logout the client session from the server. This should always be called for good-housekeeping when you are finished with the client so the server can free resources more quickly.


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