aliased::factory - shorter versions of a class tree's constructors


  use aliased::factory YAPI => 'Yahoo::Marketing';

  my $service = YAPI->KeywordResearchService->new(...);

  my $res = $service->getRelatedKeywords(
    relatedKeywordRequest =>


This package is similar to aliased, but performs on-demand loading for packages below the shortened 'root package'. For example, the above code will automatically load the KeywordResearchService and RelatedKeywordRequestType packages from the Yahoo::Marketing:: hierarchy.

To load a second-level package:

  use aliased::factory BAR => 'Foo::Bar';

  my $bort = BAR->Baz->Bort->new(...);

This would load the Foo::Bar::Baz and then Foo::Bar::Baz::Bort packages. Each method call require()s the corresponding package and returns an aliased::factory object, which has a new() method (see below.)

Factory Method


Returns a new object of the class represented by the $factory object.

  my $instantiated = $factory->new(...);

The class being instantiated must have a new() method.

Meta Methods

The rest of this is functionality used to create the factory.


Installs a sub 'shortname' in your package containing an object pointed at $package.

  aliased::factory->import(shortname => $package);


When called on a factory object, attempts to require the subpackage. If this succeeds, it will return a coderef (which will return the subfactory when executed.)

  my $coderef = $factory->can('subpackage');

This method is used by AUTOLOAD().


Attempts to load the $factory's corresponding subpackage, returns a the subfactory object or throws a fatal error: "Can't locate ... in @INC ...".

  my $subfactory = $factory->subpackage;


Eric Wilhelm @ <ewilhelm at cpan dot org>


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Copyright (C) 2009 Eric L. Wilhelm, All Rights Reserved.


Thanks to HDP for the suggestion of using a factory object.


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