Dave Rolsky




  <& edit_field_text_input, column => $column, row => $row &>


Given a column and an optional row, this component produces a text input form element for that column.

If a row is given, then its value will be used as the default value for the form element.


  • column (required)

    An Alzabo::Column object.

  • row (optional)

    An Alzabo row object.

  • class (optional)

    This defaults to $m->base_comp->attr_if_exists('text_input_class_default'), which makes it easy to set up default styles for this form element.

  • size (optional)

    If this is not given, it default to $m->base_comp->attr_if_exists('text_input_size_default') if available, otherwise 30.

  • maxlength (optional)

    If this is not given, the component tries to come up with some reasonable value based on the column's type and length.