NAME - web server providing an interactive treemap of Devel::SizeMe data

SYNOPSIS --db sizeme.db daemon daemon # same as above

Then open a web browser on


Reads a database created by and provides a web interface with an interactive treemap of the data.

Currently requires Mojolicious::Lite which isn't available for perl 5.8. If this affects you you can run Devel::SizeMe with your normal perl and run with a different perl, perhaps on a different machine.


Current implementation is all very alpha and rather hackish.

Split out the db and tree code into a separate module.

Use a history management library so the back button works and we can have links to specific nodes.

Better tool-tip and/or add a scrollable information area below the treemap that could contain details and links.

Make the treemap resize to fit the browser window (as NYTProf does).

Protect against nodes with thousands of children perhaps replace all with single merged child that has no children itself but just a warning as a title.

Implement other visualizations, such as a space-tree