NAME - prints children of a supplied GO node

SYNOPSIS simply takes as input a GOID, and an obo file, and an ontology aspect (P, C or F) and prints out the children of that GO node, e.g.:

    > GO:0008150 ../t/gene_ontology_edit.obo P

    Children of GO:0008150 (biological_process) : 

    GO:0000003    reproduction
    GO:0007582    physiological process
    GO:0021700    developmental maturation
    GO:0050789    regulation of biological process
    GO:0016032    viral life cycle
    GO:0043473    pigmentation
    GO:0007275    development
    GO:0050896    response to stimulus
    GO:0009987    cellular process
    GO:0040007    growth
    GO:0051704    interaction between organisms


Gavin Sherlock,