eBay::API::XML::Call::AddSecondChanceItem inherits from the eBay::API::XML::BaseCall class



The amount the offer recipient must pay to purchase the item from the second chance offer listing. Use only when the original item was listed in an eBay Motors vehicle category (or in some categories on U.S. and international sites for high-priced items, such as items in many U.S. and Canada Business and Industrial categories) and it ended unsold because the reserve price was not met. Otherwise, eBay establishes the price and no price should be submitted.

  RequiredInput: No
#    Argument: 'ns:AmountType'


Specifies the length of time the second chance offer listing will be active. The recipient bidder has that much time to purchase the item or the listing expires.

  RequiredInput: Yes
#    Argument: 'ns:SecondChanceOfferDurationCodeType'


Specifies the item ID for the original, ended listing from which the second chance offer item comes. A new ItemID is returned for the second chance offer item.

MaxLength: 19 (Note: The eBay database specifies 38. Currently, Item IDs are usually 9 to 12 digits)

  RequiredInput: Yes
#    Argument: 'ns:ItemIDType'


Specifies the bidder from the original, ended listing to whom the seller is extending the second chance offer. Specify only one RecipientBidderUserID per call. If multiple users are specified (each in a RecipientBidderUserID node), only the last one specified receives the offer.

  RequiredInput: Yes
#    Argument: 'ns:UserIDType'


Message content. Cannot contain HTML, asterisks, or quotes. This content is included in the second chance offer email sent to the recipient, which can be retrieved with GetMyMessages.

MaxLength: 1000

  RequiredInput: No
#    Argument: 'xs:string'


Indicates the date and time when the second chance offer listing expires, at which time the listing ends (if the recipient user does not purchase the item first).

  Returned: Always
#    Returns: 'xs:dateTime'


Contains the item ID for the new second chance offer listing. Different from the original ItemID passed in the request.

  Returned: Always
#    Returns: 'ns:ItemIDType'


Indicates the date and time when the the new second chance offer listing became active and the recipient user could purchase the item.

  Returned: Always
#    Returns: 'xs:dateTime'