eBay::API::XML::Call::GetItem inherits from the eBay::API::XML::BaseCall class



Specifies whether or not to include cross-promotion information for the item in the call response. <br><br> With a request version of 485 or higher, the default is false (do not include cross-promotion details). Set to true to retrieve cross-promotion information for the item. Cross-promotion information is returned in Item.CrossPromotion.PromotedItem.PromotionDetails. A promoted item will now contain multiple PromotionDetails containers. <br><br> With a request version lower than 485, the default is true (include cross-promotions). Set the value to false if you do not want to retrieve cross-promotion information. Cross-promotion information, PromotedPrice and PromotedPriceType, are returned in Item.CrossPromotion.PromotedItem. If a promoted item has multiple PromotedPriceType and PromotedPrice value pairs, only the last pair is returned.

  RequiredInput: No
#    Argument: 'xs:boolean'


If true, the response returns the ItemSpecifics node (if the listing has custom Item Specifics).<br> <br> Item Specifics are well-known aspects of items in a given category. For example, items in a washer and dryer category might have an aspect like Type=Top-Loading; whereas items in a jewelry category might have an aspect like Gemstone=Amber.<br> <br> (This does not cause the response to include ID-based attributes. To also retrieve ID-based attributes, pass DetailLevel in the request with the value ItemReturnAttributes or ReturnAll.)

  RequiredInput: No
  SeeLink: URL:, Title: Working with Custom Item Specifics
#    Argument: 'xs:boolean'


If true, an associated tax table is returned in the response. If no tax table is associated with the item, then no tax table is returned, even if IncludeTaxTable is set to true.

  RequiredInput: No
#    Argument: 'xs:boolean'


Indicates if the caller wants to include watch count for that item in the response. You must be the seller of the item to retrieve the watch count.

  RequiredInput: No
#    Argument: 'xs:boolean'


Specifies the item ID that uniquely identifies the item listing for which to retrieve the data. ItemID is a required input.

MaxLength: 19 (Note: The eBay database specifies 38. Currently, Item IDs are usually 9 to 12 digits)

  RequiredInput: Yes
#    Argument: 'ns:ItemIDType'


ItemType object that contains the data for the specified item.

  Returned: Always
  Details: DetailLevel: none, ItemReturnDescription, ItemReturnAttributes, ReturnAll
#    Returns: 'ns:ItemType'