Retrieves all of the orders for which the user is a participant (as either buyer or seller) that meet the criteria specified in the request. <br> <br>An order is a combination of two or more transactions. <br> <br>There are two mutually exclusive sets of filtering input arguments that can be used to query for orders. The first set is based on specific order IDs (one or more order IDs are passed in the call). The second set is a combination of date range, order role, and order status. If one set of filtering arguments is used, the arguments for the other set should not be specified in the same call. If a given call to GetOrders includes both criteria sets, the query based on order IDs is used, and the criteria for date range/order status/order role is ignored. This call can also be used to retrieve unshipped orders (i.e., orders that the seller has received but has not yet processed).



eBay::API::XML::Call::GetOrders::GetOrdersRequestType inherits from the eBay::API::XML::RequestDataType class



The starting date of the date range for the orders to retrieve. Also applicable to

  RequiredInput: Conditionally
#    Argument: 'xs:dateTime'


# Returns: 'xs:dateTime'


The ending date of the date range for the orders to retrieve. Also applicable to

  RequiredInput: Conditionally
#    Argument: 'xs:dateTime'


# Returns: 'xs:dateTime'


To retrieve orders, specify Half. To retrieve eBay orders, don't specify this field at all. (This field can't be used as a listing type filter on If not provided or if any value other than Half is specified, this field has no useful effect and the call retrieves eBay orders of all types. Also, you can't retrieve both eBay and orders in the same response.)

  RequiredInput: Conditionally
  OnlyTheseValues: Half
#    Argument: 'ns:ListingTypeCodeType'


# Returns: 'ns:ListingTypeCodeType'


A set of orders to retrieve. Does not retrieve Express orders, even when the explicit Express OrderID found on the eBay Express site is included in the request. Not applicable to

  RequiredInput: Conditionally
#    Argument: 'ns:OrderIDArrayType'


# Returns: 'ns:OrderIDArrayType'


Filters orders based on the role of the user making the GetOrders request. Not applicable to

  RequiredInput: Conditionally
#    Argument: 'ns:TradingRoleCodeType'


# Returns: 'ns:TradingRoleCodeType'


Filters the returned orders by order status (Active or Completed). To retrieve orders with a status of Inactive or Cancelled, you must specify the order IDs (OrderIDArray.OrderID). When you specify OrderIDArray.OrderID, no other filters are used. <br><br> For, you can get some, but not all orders. Orders on have different order status values from eBay orders. When you set ListingType to Half, set OrderStatus to Shipped. Otherwise, GetOrders may return incomplete information or have indeterminate results.

  RequiredInput: Conditionally
  OnlyTheseValues: Active, Completed, Shipped
#    Argument: 'ns:OrderStatusCodeType'


# Returns: 'ns:OrderStatusCodeType'


Not applicable to Applicable to If many orders are available, you may need to call GetOrders multiple times to retrieve all the data. Each result set is returned as a page of entries. Use this Pagination information to indicate the maximum number of entries to retrieve per page (i.e., per call), the page number to retrieve, and other data.

  RequiredInput: No
#    Argument: 'ns:PaginationType'


# Returns: 'ns:PaginationType'