Retrieves the attributes a seller can use to form a query when searching for Pre-filled Item Information to use in a listing for a category that is catalog-enabled. This call is applicable for use cases related to listing items with Pre-filled Item Information. Specifically, it retrieves data that you use to construct valid "single-attribute" queries. The attributes describe search criteria (e.g., Author) and sorting criteria (e.g., Publication Year), as appropriate for the category. GetProductSearchPage does not conduct the actual product search. It only returns data about what you can search on. Use the data as input to GetProductSearchResults to conduct the actual search for product information. To retrieve Product Finder search criteria (querying against multiple attributes), use GetProductFinder instead. See the eBay Web Services guide for an overview of Pre-filled Item Information and details about searching for catalog products.



eBay::API::XML::Call::GetProductSearchPage::GetProductSearchPageRequestType inherits from the eBay::API::XML::RequestDataType class



A characteristic set ID that is associated with a catalog-enabled category that supports product search pages. You can pass an array of these IDs in the request. Each characteristic set corresponds to a level in the eBay category hierarchy at which all items share common characteristics. Multiple categories can be mapped to the same characteristic set. Each ID is used as a filter to limit the response content to fewer characteristic sets. When IDs are specified, the call only returns search page data for the corresponding characteristic sets. When no IDs are specified, the call returns all the current search page data in the system.

  RequiredInput: No
#    Argument: reference to an array  
                      of 'xs:int'


# Returns: reference to an array of 'xs:int'


A version of the search page definitions for the site. Typically, an application passes the version value that was returned the last time the application executed this call. Filter that causes the call to return only the search pages for which the attribute meta-data has changed since the specified version. The latest version value is not necessarily greater than the previous value that was returned. Therefore, when comparing versions, only compare whether the value has changed.

  RequiredInput: No
#    Argument: 'xs:string'


# Returns: 'xs:string'