eBay::API::XML::Call::GetProductSearchResults inherits from the eBay::API::XML::BaseCall class



Specifies the keywords or attributes that make up the product query, with pagination instructions. ProductSearch is a required input. To search for multiple different products at the same time (i.e., to perform a batch search), pass in multiple ProductSearch properties.

SeeLink: URL: Title: Searching for Pre-filled Item Information

  RequiredInput: Yes
#    Argument: reference to an array  
                      of 'ns:ProductSearchType'


Container for one or more DataElement fields containing supplemental helpful data. A DataElement field is an HTML snippet that specifies hints for the user, help links, help graphics, and other supplemental information that varies per characteristic set. Usage of this information is optional and may require you to inspect the information to determine how it can be applied in an application. Also returned with warnings when no matches are found.

  Returned: Always
#    Returns: reference to an array  
                      of 'ns:DataElementSetType'


Contains the attributes and product details that match the attributes or query keywords passed in the request. Always returned when product search results are found.

  Returned: Always
#    Returns: reference to an array  
                      of 'ns:ProductSearchResultType'