Returns stock product information in eBay catalogs, such as information about a particular DVD or camera. Optionally, also returns product reviews, buying guides, and items that match the product.



eBay::API::XML::Call::GetProducts::GetProductsResponseType inherits from the eBay::API::XML::ResponseDataType class



The total number of pages that can be returned, given the same query and filters in the request. As GetProducts only returns up to 2000 products, the maximum possible value is theoretically 2000 (if you were to set EntriesPerPage to 1 in the request).

Max: 2000 Min: 1

# Argument: 'xs:int'


  Returned: Always
#    Returns: 'xs:int'


Contains information for up to 5 buying guides that match the query. Only returned when you set IncludeBuyingGuideDetails to true. Buying guides provide useful information about shopping in a particular domain, like Digital Cameras. For example, a digital camera buying guide could help a buyer determine what kind of digital camera is right for them. If no buying guides are associated with the product, this only returns a link to the buying guide hub (the main Guides page).

# Argument: 'ns:BuyingGuideDetailsType'


  Returned: Conditionally
#    Returns: 'ns:BuyingGuideDetailsType'


A histogram that lists the number of matching products found and the domains in which they were found. A <i>domain</i> is essentially a set of categories that share certain common features (as determined by eBay). Each domain has its own name and ID.

# Argument: 'ns:CharacteristicsSetProductHistogramType'


  Returned: Always
#    Returns: 'ns:CharacteristicsSetProductHistogramType'


If true, more pages of results are available. That is, PageNumber is less than ApproximatePages.

# Argument: 'xs:boolean'


  Returned: Always
#    Returns: 'xs:boolean'


A list of items (if any) that match the product identified in ExternalProductID or ProductReferenceID in the request. Only returned when you set IncludeItemArray to true. The items are sorted by end time (ending soonest), and this order is not configurable in the request. Up to 200 items can be returned. All items are returned on the first page (page 1). Not returned when you use QueryKeywords.<br> <br> If ItemCount is greater than 200, use GetSearchResults if you want to retrieve more matching items.<br> <br> <span class="tablenote"><b>Note:</b> GetSearchResults doesn't currently support ProductReferenceID queries. So, you can use ExternalProductID (if present) as input to GetSearchResults. Otherwise, see Product.DetailsURL for a workaround to determine a ProductID value to use with GetSearchResults.</span>

# Argument: 'ns:ItemArrayType'


  Returned: Conditionally
#    Returns: 'ns:ItemArrayType'


The number of the page of data returned. If many products are found and multiple pages of results are available, use this in combination with ApproximatePages and HasMore to decide which page to retrieve next. As GetProducts only returns up to 2000 products, the maximum possible value is theoretically 2000 (if you were to set EntriesPerPage to 1 in the request).

Max: 2000 Min: 1

# Argument: 'xs:int'


  Returned: Always
#    Returns: 'xs:int'


An eBay catalog product. This contains stock information about a particular DVD, camera, set of golf clubs, or other product. When you use QueryKeywords in the request, GetProducts returns a maximum of 20 products per page. When you use ExternalProductID or ProductReferenceID in the request, GetProducts usually only returns 1 product. (If more than one product matches the same ExternalProductID, GetProducts will return all of those products. As of the time of this writing, we expect this to be a rare case.)

MaxOccurs: 20

# Argument: reference to an array of 'ns:CatalogProductType'


  Returned: Always
#    Returns: reference to an array  
                      of 'ns:CatalogProductType'


The total number of matching products found. (If more than 2000 products are found, the call fails with an error.)

Max: 2000 Min: 0

# Argument: 'xs:int'


  Returned: Always
#    Returns: 'xs:int'