eBay::API::XML::Call::GetSellerDashboard inherits from the eBay::API::XML::BaseCall class



Rates your level of customer service. This information helps you to keep track of how well you are providing members with positive buying experiences.

  Returned: Conditionally
#    Returns: 'ns:BuyerSatisfactionDashboardType'


Rates how well you are following eBay rules and policies in your selling, and alerts you to any account or listing policy violations. eBay's policies are rules and guidelines that help to create a safe, fair, and enjoyable trading environment for all eBay members. If you violate certain policies, your account may be restricted without notice. This is true even if your status shows a good level of policy compliance. Therefore, understanding and following eBay's policies can help you to avoid restrictions on your account. Your policy compliance status directly affects your PowerSeller status.

  Returned: Conditionally
#    Returns: 'ns:PolicyComplianceDashboardType'


Provides information about your PowerSeller status, such as whether you meet PowerSeller requirements. Your PowerSeller status directly affects your discount (SellerFeeDiscount). (For eBay Germany and France, you must be a registered business seller to see your PowerSeller status.)

  Returned: Conditionally
#    Returns: 'ns:PowerSellerDashboardType'


Provides information about the visibility level you've earned for your listings. When you have a better search standing, your listings may receive higher placement in search results that are sorted by Best Match. Because it is directly tied to your customer service, search standing is an important way for eBay to reward you as a good seller, and to encourage you to give buyers the best possible shopping experience.

  Returned: Conditionally
#    Returns: 'ns:SearchStandingDashboardType'


Reminds you of the status of your latest invoice, including alerts to help you identify any problems with your account.

  Returned: Conditionally
#    Returns: 'ns:SellerAccountDashboardType'


Provides information about the PowerSeller discount level you've earned, if any. As a PowerSeller, you can earn discounts on your monthly invoice Final Value Fees based on how well you're rated as a seller. Only returned for members of the eBay US or Canada PowerSeller program.

  Returned: Conditionally
#    Returns: 'ns:SellerFeeDiscountDashboardType'