Preferences that specify how eBay should handle certain requests that contain invalid data or that could partially fail. These preferences give you some control over whether eBay returns warnings or errors in response to invalid data and how eBay handles listing requests when such data is passed in. For example, these preferences are applicable to AddItem and related calls when Item Specifics are specified, and to CompleteSale. See the eBay Web Services Guide for details about these preferences and their effects.




(in) Apply validation rules that were in effect prior to the time the call started supporting ErrorHandling.


(in) Drop the invalid data, continue processing the request with the valid data. If dropping the invalid data leaves the request in a state where required data is missing, reject the request.<br> <br> If BestEffort is specified for CompleteSale, the Ack field in the response could return PartialFailure if one change fails but another succeeds. For example, if the seller attempts to leave feedback twice for the same transaction, the feedback changes would fail but any paid or shipped status changes would succeed.


(in) If any attribute data is invalid, drop the entire attribute set and proceed with listing the item. If the category has required attributes and the attribute set is dropped, reject the listing.


(in) If any data is invalid, reject the request.