Specifies the data for a single item and configures the recommendation engines to use when processing the item with GetItemRecommendations.



eBay::API::XML::DataType::GetRecommendationsRequestContainerType inherits from the eBay::API::XML::BaseDataType class



Unique key to identify the response that matches this recommendation request container. Use this key to distinguish between responses when multiple recommendation containers are specified (i.e., for batch requests). You define the key. To be useful, each correlation ID should be unique within the same call. That is, define a different correlation ID for each recommendation request container. (eBay does not validate the uniqueness of these IDs.) If specified, the same correlation ID will be returned in the corresponding recommendation response (or error response). We recommend that you use this when retrieving recommendations for multiple items at once.

  Calls: GetItemRecommendations
  RequiredInput: No

# Argument: 'xs:string'


# Returns: 'xs:string'


Specifies the name of the field to remove from a listing. Applicable when the ListingFlow is ReviseItem or RelistItem. See ReviseItem and RelistItem for applicable values.

SeeLink: URL: io_RelistItem.html#Request.DeletedField Title: (RelistItem) DeletedField , URL: io_ReviseItem.html#Request.DeletedField Title: (ReviseItem) DeletedField

  Calls: GetItemRecommendations
  RequiredInput: Conditionally

# Argument: reference to an array of 'xs:string'


# Returns: reference to an array of 'xs:string'


Contains fields that describe the item for which you are seeking recommendations. <br> <br> If the Listing Analyzer recommendation engine is run, the applicable fields are the same as the fields for AddItem, ReviseItem, or RelistItem requests, as determined by the value specified in ListingFlow. The item ID (Item.ItemID) is required when the ListingFlow is ReviseItem or RelistItem, and it is not applicable when the ListingFlow is AddItem. All other item fields are optional, even if listed as required for other calls. However, as some tips are dependent on the properties of the item, and as some properties have dependencies on other properties, we strongly recommend that you include all the item properties that will be included in the AddItem, ReviseItem, or RelistItem request. When the Listing Analyzer engine is run, tips will only be returned for fields that are specfied on the item.<br> <br> When the Product Pricing engine is run, pricing data will be based on the catalog product you specify.

  Calls: GetItemRecommendations
  RequiredInput: Yes

# Argument: 'ns:ItemType'


# Returns: 'ns:ItemType'


The listing flow for which the seller is seeking Listing Analyzer recommendations. Not applicable to results from other recommendation engines (i.e., the Suggested Attributes engine or the Product Pricing engine). The default flow is AddItem.

  Calls: GetItemRecommendations
  RequiredInput: No
  Default: AddItem

# Argument: 'ns:ListingFlowCodeType'


# Returns: 'ns:ListingFlowCodeType'


One or more keywords to search for when using the Suggested Attributes engine. Required when SuggestedAttributes is specified as the recommendation engine (including when no recommendation engines are specified). Only the listing title is searched. The words "and" and "or" are treated like any other word. Blank searches are not allowed (and result in a warning).

MaxLength: 350 (characters)

  Calls: GetItemRecommendations
  RequiredInput: Conditionally

# Argument: 'xs:string'


# Returns: 'xs:string'


A recommendation engine to run. If no engines are specified, all available recommendation engines will run. Some engines require additional fields, such as Item.PrimaryCategory.CategoryID, to be specified. If the ProductPricing engine is specified but Item.ProductListingDetails is not specified, no Product Pricing engine results are returned.

  Calls: GetItemRecommendations
  RequiredInput: No

# Argument: reference to an array of 'ns:RecommendationEngineCodeType'


# Returns: reference to an array of 'ns:RecommendationEngineCodeType'