embedxpm - embed xpm pictures into perl source


 embedxpm picture.xpm perl_source picture_name


embedxpm can be used to embed xpm pictures directly into a perl program. To do this, your program source has to contain some markers (in the form of comments) that describe the position where the picture should be inserted. To only insert the xpm data, use this form:

 #%XPM:<name of xpm>%
 <your xpm data goes here>
 #%XPM%<what to attach to the end of the data>

Here is an example (taken from the Gimp/PDB program):

 C<# create the logo pixmap for the given widget
 sub create_logo($) {
    new Gtk::Pixmap(Gtk::Gdk::Pixmap->create_from_xpm_d(
       'xpm data', 'xpm data...',...

To insert the xpm with the name example.xpm into this source you would have to use the following commandline:

 embedxpm example.xpm logo

WARNING: embedxpm happily overwrites your source, without leaving a backup-copy around(!). If anything goes wrong (for example when you left out the end comment) your source may be lost, so better make a backup before. I am not responsible for your data-loss!


None ;)


Marc Lehmann <>

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