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methods - Provide method syntax and sweep namespaces


    use methods;

    # with signature
    method foo($bar, %opts) {
       $self->bar(reverse $bar) if $opts{rev};

    # attributes
    method foo : lvalue { $self->{foo} }

    # change invocant name
    method foo ($class: $bar) { $class->bar($bar) }

    # "1;" no longer required here

With invoker support:

    use methods-invoker;
    method foo() {
       $->bar(); # Write "$self->method" as "$->method"


This module uses Method::Signatures::Simple to provide named and anonymous methods with parameters, except with a shorter module name.

It also imports namespace::sweep so the method helper function (as well as any imported helper functions) won't become methods in the importing module.

Finally, it also imports true so there's no need to put 1; in the end of the importing module anymore.


If the first argument on the use line is -invoker, then it also imports invoker automatically so one can write $self->method as $->method.

Other arguments are passed verbatim into Method::Signatures::Simple's import function.


invoker, signatures


唐鳳 <>

CC0 1.0 Universal

To the extent possible under law, 唐鳳 has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to methods.

This work is published from Taiwan.