version 1.1200


    Usage: oscompute command [arguments]

    Available Commands:
        f           alias for flavor
        flavor      perform flavor actions
        help        show syntax and available commands
        i           alias for image
        image       perform image actions
        s           alias for server
        server      perform server actions


    # List all servers.
    oscompute s

    # Same thing.
    oscompute server

    # Same thing.
    oscompute server list

    # Show all details.
    oscompute server -v list

    # Show info for a particular server by id.
    oscompute server show ec05b52e-f575-469c-a91e-7f0ddd4fab95

    # Show info for a particular server by name.
    oscompute server show bob

    # Create a new server.
    # Order of arguments are server create `name` `flavor` `image`
    oscompute server create bob 1 11b2a5bf-590c-4dd4-931f-a65751a4db0e

    # Delete a server.
    oscompute server delete ec05b52e-f575-469c-a91e-7f0ddd4fab95

    # Rebuild server bob with the given image.
    oscompute server rebuild bob d54c514e-da74-4307-805a-423a06160f6c

    # List all available images.
    oscompute image list

    # Create a snapshot image of a given server.
    oscompute image create new-img-name bob


This is a command line tool for interacting with the OpenStack Compute API.


    Server commands:
        server [list]
        server show <server>
        server create <name> <flavor> <image-id>
        server delete <server>
        server rebuild <server> <image-id>
        server resize <server> <flavor-id>
        server reboot <server> [soft|hard]
        server password <server> <new-password>

    Image commands:
        image [list]
        image show <image-id>
        image create <name> <server>
        image delete <image-id>

    Flavor commands:
        flavor [list]
        flavor show <flavor-id>

        --verbose|v   causes output to contain all info returned from the server
        --insecure    turns off ssl verification
        --query|q     provide a query string to append to your request

        Any <server> param can be a server id or a server name.
        OSCOMPUTE_INSECURE env variable sets --insecure on all commands.
        Run `man oscompute` to see examples and full documentation.


Naveed Massjouni <>


This software is copyright (c) 2011 by Naveed Massjouni.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.