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perfSONAR_PS::Messages - A module that provides common methods for performing actions on message constructs.


This module is a catch all for message related methods in the perfSONAR-PS framework. As such there is no 'common thread' that each method shares. This module IS NOT an object, and the methods can be invoked directly (and sparingly).

startMessage($output, $id, $messageIdRef, $type, $content, $namespaces)

Start message element.


End message element.

startMetadata($output, $id, $metadataIdRef, $namespaces)

Start a metadata element.


End a metadata element.

startData($output, $id, $metadataIdRef, $namespaces)

Start a data element.


End a data element


Start a parameters element.


End a parameters element.

addParameter($output, $name, $value, $args)

Add a parameter element, returns the results.

getResultCodeMessage($output, $id, $messageIdRef, $metadataIdRef, $type, $event, $description, $namespaces, $escape_content)

Create an entire result code message.

getResultCodeMetadata($output, $id, $metadataIdRef, $event)

Create a metadata element to pair with a result code.

getResultCodeData($output, $id, $metadataIdRef, $description, $escape_content)

Create a data element for a result code.

statusReport($output, $mdId, $mdIdRef, $dId, $eventType, $msg)

Create a 'status' pair of data and metadata.

createMessage($output, $id, $messageIdRef, $type, $content, $namespaces)

Craft a message element.

createMetadata($output, $id, $metadataIdRef, $content, $namespaces)

Craft a metadata element.

createData($output, $id, $metadataIdRef, $content, $namespaces)

Craft a data element.

getErrorResponseMessage({ output, id, messageIdRef, metadataIdRef, eventType, description });

Craft an error response message.

XXX: Jason 3/12/08 - Document_string is still used here.


Exporter, Log::Log4perl, perfSONAR_PS::Common, perfSONAR_PS::ParameterValidation

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Jason Zurawski,


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