perlcassa - Perl Client for Apache Cassandra




use perlcassa;

my $obj = new perlcassa( 'columnfamily' => 'myCF', 'keyspace' => 'myKeyspace', 'hosts' => ['host1.cassandra.local', 'host2.cassandra.local', 'host3.cassandra.local'],

        'write_consistency_level' => Cassandra::ConsistencyLevel::QUORUM,
        'read_consistency_level'  => Cassandra::ConsistencyLevel::QUORUM,
        'port'                    => '9160'

my %composite = ('values' => ['name_pt1', 'name_pt2']);

$obj->insert( 'key' => 'myKey', 'columnname' => \%composite, 'value' => 'myVal' );

$obj->get( 'key' => 'myKey', 'columnname' => 'myColumn' );

$obj->get_slice( 'key' => 'myKey', 'start' => ['name_pt1'], 'finish' => ['name_pt2','name_pt2_c'], 'start_equality' => 'equal', #optional (defaults to equal, options: equal, less_than_equal, or greater_than_equal) 'finish_equality'=> 'greater_than_equal' #optional (defaults to greater_than_equal, options: equal, less_than_equal, or greater_than_equal) );

$obj->get_range_slices( key_start => '', key_finish => '', column_start => ['colpt1','a'], column_finish => ['thiscol'], key_max_count => 10000, buffer_size => 100 );

my %bulk = ( #value => [columnname] 'test' => ['name_pt1', 'name_pt2'], 'test2' => ['name_pt3', 'name_pr4'] );

$obj->bulk_insert( 'key' => 'testkey' 'columns' => \%bulk );


Perl5.10, Thrift::XS, Time::HiRes




perlcassa is a native Perl client for interfacing with Apache Cassandra. It is essentially an API for Apache Thrift. It intelligently deals with CompositeType columns and ValidationClasses and encodes and packs them appropriately for the columnfamily specified. perlcassa deals with connection pooling, automatic retrying of insertions, automatic serialization and deserialization of primitive data types to pass column validation classes and more.

Although other Perl Cassandra clients exist such as Cassandra::Lite and Net::Cassandra they have not been updated for many of the changes in Cassandra releases >0.80. They al so do not serialize and deserialize data making them not much more than an abstraction of the base Thrift calls. In my experence the difficulty lies in validation classes and being f ault tolerant, not abstracting the Thrift code.

The module name perlcassa follows the naming convention of other Cassandra clients such as phpcassa and pycassa. This module is included on CPAN for convinence however, please see for active development.

Note: This package does not support SuperColumns. Please look into CompositeType Comparators instead.



new perlcassa()

Creates a new Apache Cassandra Perl Client

* better documentation * better handling thrift exceptions to try from another provided Cassandra instance/host automagically * general performance optimizations * auto retry failures where the node is up when the client is created but there is an exception such as a timeout on insert


This wouldn't have been possible without help from my friend and colleague BJ Black.


Michael Kjellman,


Copyright 2012 Michael Kjellman

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

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