openresty - Command-line frontend utility for the OpenResty server


    # run the OpenResty server via the standalone HTTP server
    #   provided by HTTP::Server::Simple:
    $ bin/openresty start

    # run the OpenResty server in plain old CGI mode:
    $ bin/openresty cgi

    # or equivalently:
    $ OPENRESTY_COMMAND=cgi bin/openresty

    # run the OpenResty server in FastCGI mode:
    $ bin/openresty fastcgi

    # or equivalently:
    $ OPENRESTY_COMMAND=fastcgi bin/openresty

    # enter the OpenResty shell:
    $ bin/openresty

    # add a new OpenResty account named foo
    $ bin/openresty adduser foo

    # remove an existing OpenResty account named bar
    $ bin/openresty deluser bar

    # upgrade the metamodel in the DB to the latest version
    $ bin/openresty upgrade

    # upgrade the metamodel of (only) the OpenResty account (foo) specified:
    $ bin/openresty upgrade foo


This is the command-line frontend for the OpenResty server. The openresty script can server as a

  • OpenResty account adminstration tool (i.e., creating accounts, removing accounts, listing accounts, and etc.).

  • OpenResty server entry point (via CGI, FastCGI, or standalone server).

  • A psql-like shell tools for administrating the backend databases (either Pg or PgFarm).

  • A metamodel upgrading tool. (See OpenResty::Spec::MetaModel for more details about the metamodel.)


Agent Zhang (agentzh) <>

License and Copyright

Copyright (c) 2007, 2008 by Yahoo! China EEEE Works, Alibaba Inc.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0. A copy of this license can be obtained from


OpenResty, OpenResty::Spec::Upgrading, OpenResty::Spec::AccountAdmin, OpenResty::Spec::Installation, OpenResty::Spec::Overview, OpenResty::Spec::REST_cn.