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Changes for version 0.5.3

  • switched the license from GPLv2 to BSD.
  • updated demo/Blog/script/ to use the new column default value syntax.
  • added the benchmark results for various configurations to the main POD.
  • added the milestones and release plans to the main POD.
  • mentioned the #openresty IRC channel in the main POD.


Command-line frontend utility for the OpenResty server
Cheat sheet for OpenResty
OpenResty Account Admininstration
OpenSearch 体系结构白皮书(草案)
Captcha 图片生成和验证
Installation instructions for OpenResty servers
Install binary distributions of OpenResty
Metamodel for OpenResty backends
Overview of the OpenResty service platform
OpenResty REST Service Specification [draft]
OpenResty REST 协议白皮书(草案)
Introduction to the OpenResty test suite
Upgrading to new versions of OpenResty server
Zero to OpenResty for Perl programmers
Running the OpenResty test suite on Win32


General-purpose web service platform for web applications
class factory for OpenResty backend classes
Base class for OpenResty backend classes
OpenResty backend for the PostgreSQL PL/Proxy-based cluster databases
Pg backend for OpenResty running via PL/Perl
OpenResty backend for PostgreSQL standalone databases
OpenResty backend for the PostgreSQL PL/Proxy-based cluster databases
A mocked-up OpenResty backend for the Pg backend
OpenResty backend for Prophet databases
Cache for OpenResty
Configure file reader for OpenResty
The main dispatcher for the OpenResty server
The action handler for OpenResty
The captcha handler for OpenResty
Handler for pre-compiled views
The feed handler for OpenResty
The login handler for OpenResty
The model handler for OpenResty
The model handler for OpenResty
The role handler for OpenResty
The "unsafe" handler for OpenResty
The version handler for OpenResty
The view handler for OpenResty
OpenResty app class for inlined REST requrests
Various contraints used in the OpenResty server
Perl wrapper for the restyscript compiler via IPC
RestyScript (for Views) compiler in pure Perl
SQL generator for insert statements
SQL generator for select statements
Base class for the various SQL generator classes
SQL generator for update statements
Standalone server based on HTTP::Server::Simple for OpenResty
Utility functions for OpenResty


in lib/OpenResty/
in lib/OpenResty/FeedWriter/
in lib/OpenResty/Handler/
in lib/OpenResty/Handler/
in lib/OpenResty/Handler/
in lib/OpenResty/Handler/
in lib/OpenResty/QuasiQuote/
in lib/OpenResty/QuasiQuote/
in lib/OpenResty/QuasiQuote/Validator/
in lib/OpenResty/RestyScript/
in lib/OpenResty/Script/
in lib/OpenResty/Script/
in lib/OpenResty/
in lib/OpenResty/Shell/
in lib/OpenResty/QuasiQuote/Validator/
in lib/WWW/OpenResty/

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