Lab::Instrument::SR830::AuxIn -- Aux Inputs of the Stanford Research SR830 Lock-In Amplifier.


 use Lab::Instrument::SR830::AuxIn
 my $multimeter = Lab::Instrument::SR830::AuxIn->new(%options, channel => 1);

 print $multimeter->get_value();


This class provides access to the four DC inputs of the SR830. You have to provide a channel (1..4) parameter in the constructor.

To use multiple virtual instruments, which use the same physical device, you have to share the connection between the virtual instruments:

 use Lab::Measurement;

 # Create the shared connection.
 my $connection = Connection('LinuxGPIB', {gpib_address => 8});
 # Array of instrument objects. Each element belongs to one of the four
 # channels. 
 my @inputs;
 for my $channel (1..4) {
        $inputs[$channel] = Instrument('SR830::AuxIn', {
                connection => $connection,
                channel => $channel,
 for my $channel (1..4) {
        say "channel $channel: ", $inputs[$channel]->get_value();



Return the input voltage.