brackup-restore - The brackup restore tool.


 $ brackup-restore [-v] --from=foo.brackup --to=<base_directory> --all
 $ brackup-restore [-v] --from=foo.brackup --to=<base_directory> --just=<file>
 $ brackup-restore [-v] --from=foo.brackup --to=<base_directory> --just=<dir>



Required. The backup metafile, describing the tree you want to restore. Probably named like "source-target-YYYYMMDD.brackup". If you lost it, it's also stored on your backup target, and you can fetch it with brackup-target.


Required. The destination root directory for your restored files. Will be created if it doesn't exist.


Restore all files.


Restore just the directory named (and all its contents).


Restore just the file named.


Brackup config file to use instead of default.


Show more info during restore.


Brackup is distributed as-is and comes without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. We aren't responsible for your data loss.


Brad Fitzpatrick <>

Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Six Apart, Ltd. All rights reserved.

This module is free software. You may use, modify, and/or redistribute this software under the terms of same terms as perl itself.