PurpleWiki::NidHandler - Remote NID handling for mod_perl (1 or 2)


  in httpd.conf:

   <Location /desired/arbitrary/url/nid>
         SetHandler perl-script
         PerlSetEnv WIKIDB /path/to/wikidb
         PerlResponseHandler  PurpleWiki::NidHandler
         # PerlHandler for Apache 1


This module provides a simple, straightforward, but kinda slow system for providing and resolving NIDs to several PurpleWiki- library-using sources (such as wikis, PerpLog, or blogs using plugins.

It is designed to be run as a mod_perl handler in either mod_perl 1 or 2. It has been extensively tested on mod_perl 2 but not mod_perl 1.

Assuming the Location (see above) is set to /nid, when the handler receives a GET url of the form:


it will respond with one NID for that page. Change 1 to some other number, and get that many NIDs.

For each NID given out, an entry will be recorded pairing that NID with the provided URL.

When the handler receives a GET URL of the form:


where ABC is an existing NID, the URL at which that NID is located is returned.



The default method for a mod_perl handler.


There is no security at this time.

No update mechanism is provided (yet).


Chris Dent, <>