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Changes for version 0.94

  • A bug fix release. Re-added a feature that allows you to easily recover vandalized/spammed pages. Included some documentation in docs/


Cleans and indexes UseMod username database
Document authoring system
Perl implementation of Danny Ayer's WikiWhiteboard


Access control list.
Wiki text display handler for mod_perl 1
Wiki text display handler for mod_perl 2
Configuration object.
UseMod backend for user database.
Inline node object
Remote NID handling for mod_perl (1 or 2)
MoinMoin parser.
Default PurpleWiki parser.
Search Arts Repositories
Search plugin for blosxom blogs.
Wiki search engine.
Base class for PurpleWiki search modules
Search IrcLogger Repositories
Search MovableType blogs
Class for search results.
Search The Wiki Text and Titles
Generates sequences for node IDs
Enables the Singleton Pattern.
Structural node object
RSS feed of RecentChanges
Base class for template drivers
Template Toolkit template driver.
Transclusion object.
Basic PurpleWiki data structure
PurpleWiki user class
View driver base class
A Quick Access View Filter.
View Driver used for Debugging.
View Driver used for Raw Text Output.
Extracts a Subtree Rooted at a Given NID.
View Driver used for Text Output.
View Driver used for HTML output.
View Driver used for WikiText output.
View Driver used for XHTML output.


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