App::JobLog::Command::info - provides general App::JobLog information


version 1.042


 houghton@NorthernSpy:~$ job help info
 job info

 Describes application and provides usage information.

        -q --quiet         minimal documentation
        -v --man --verbose  extensive documentation in pager
        --help             this usage screen


The synopsis says it all. For command specific help you should try the help command:

 houghton@NorthernSpy:~$ job help summary
 job summary [-iMmTtV] [long options...] <date or date range>

 List events with certain properties in a particular time range. Only the portions
 of events falling within the range will be listed.

 Events may be filtered in numerous ways: by tag, time of day, or terms used in descriptions.
 If tags to match are provided, only those events that contain at least one such tag will be shown. If
 tags not to match are provided, only those events that contain none of these tags will be shown.

 if you provide description filters to match or avoid, these will be interpreted as regexes. try 'perldoc perlre'

This module is basically a number of globs of POD munged a bit, concatenated in various ways, and passed to Pod::Usage.


Pod::Usage, App::JobLog::Command::help


David F. Houghton <>


This software is copyright (c) 2011 by David F. Houghton.

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