WARC::Index - base class for WARC index classes


  use WARC::Index::File::CDX;   # or ...
  use WARC::Index::File::SDBM;
  # or some other WARC::Index::File::* implementation

  $index = attach WARC::Index::File::CDX (...); # or ...
  $index = attach WARC::Index::File::SDBM (...);

  $record = $index->search(url => $url, time => $when);
  @records = $index->search(url => $url, time => $when);

  build WARC::Index::File::CDX (...);   # or ...
  build WARC::Index::File::SDBM (...);


WARC::Index is an abstract base class for indexes on WARC files and WARC-alike files. This class establishes the expected interface and provides a simple interface for building indexes.


$index = attach WARC::Index::File::* (...)

Construct an index object using the indicated technology and whatever parameters the index implementation needs.

Typically, indexes are file-based and a single parameter is the name of an index file which in turn contains the names of the indexed WARC files.

$record = $index->search( ... )
@records = $index->search( ... )

Search an index for records matching parameters. The WARC::Collection class uses this method to search each index in a collection.

The details of the parameters for this method are documented in the "Search Keys" section of the WARC::Collection page.

build WARC::Index::File::* (into => $dest, from => ...)
build WARC::Index::File::* (from => [...], into => $dest)

The WARC::Index base class does provide this method, however. The build method works by loading the corresponding index builder class and driving the process or simply returning the newly-constructed object.

The build method itself handles the from key for specifying the files to index. The from key can be given an array reference, after which more key => value pairs may follow, or can simply use the rest of the argument list as its value.

If the from key is given, the build method will read the indicated files, construct an index, and return nothing. If the from key is not given, the build method will construct and return an index builder.

All index builders accept at least the into key for specifying where to store the index. See the documentation for WARC::Index::File::*::Builder for more information.

Index system registration

The WARC::Index package also provides a registry of loaded index support. The register function adds the calling package to the list.

WARC::Index::register( filename => $filename_re )

Add the calling package to an internal list of available index handlers. The calling package must be a subclass of WARC::Index or this function will croak().

The filename key indicates that the calling package expects to handle index files with names matching the provided regex.

WARC::Index::find_handler( $filename )

Return the registered handler for $filename or undef if none match. If multiple handlers match, which one is returned is unspecified.


Jacob Bachmeyer, <>




Copyright (C) 2019 by Jacob Bachmeyer

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.