Perl data type class for the XML Schema defined complexType LocationSearchParameter from the namespace

A {@link SearchParameter} used to indicate the locations being targeted. This can be used, for example, to search for {@code KEYWORD} {@link IdeaType}s that are best for Japan and Los Angeles. <p>This parameter replaces the {@code CountryTargetSearchParameter}. <p>Warning: Not all back-ends support sub-country precision. <p>The service allows up to 10 locations to be targeted for KEYWORD requests and 50 locations for PLACEMENT requests. <p>This search parameter can be used in bulk keyword requests through the {@link} method. It must be single-valued when used in a call to that method. <p>This element is supported by following {@link IdeaType}s: KEYWORD, PLACEMENT. <p>This element is supported by following {@link RequestType}s: IDEAS, STATS.


The following properties may be accessed using get_PROPERTY / set_PROPERTY methods:

  • locations



Constructor. The following data structure may be passed to new():


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