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Marc A. Lehmann


AnyEvent::SNMP - adaptor to integrate Net::SNMP into Anyevent.


 use AnyEvent::SNMP;
 use Net::SNMP;

 # just use Net::SNMP and AnyEvent as you like:

 # use a condvar to transfer results, this is
 # just an example, you can use a naked callback as well.
 my $cv = AnyEvent->condvar;

 # ... start non-blocking snmp request(s)...
 Net::SNMP->session (-hostname => "",
                     -community => "public",
                     -nonblocking => 1)
          ->get_request (-callback => sub { $cv->send (@_) });

 # ... do something else until the result is required
 my @result = $cv->wait;


This module implements an alternative "event dispatcher" for Net::SNMP, using AnyEvent as a backend.

This integrates Net::SNMP into AnyEvent: You can make non-blocking Net::SNMP calls and as long as other parts of your program also use AnyEvent (or some event loop supported by AnyEvent), they will run in parallel.

Also, the Net::SNMP scheduler is very inefficient with respect to both CPU and memory usage. Most AnyEvent backends (including the pure-perl backend) fare much better than the Net::SNMP dispatcher.

A potential disadvantage is that replacing the dispatcher is not at all a documented thing to do, so future changes in Net::SNP might break this module (or the many similar ones).

This module does not export anything and does not require you to do anything special apart from loading it before doing any non-blocking requests with Net::SNMP. It is recommended but not required to load this module before Net::SNMP.


AnyEvent, Net::SNMP, Net::SNMP::EV.


 Marc Lehmann <schmorp@schmorp.de>