Data::Morph::Backend::Raw - Provides a backend that produces simple HashRefs


version 1.140400


Data::Morph::Backend::Raw is a backend for Data::Morph that deals with raw Perl hashes. Map directives are more complicated than the other shipped backends like Data::Morph::Backend::Object. The keys should be paths as defined by Data::DPath. Read and write operations can have rather complex dpaths defined for them to set or return values. There are two special cases: one for read directives and another for write directives. Read directives can accept alternations using pipe (eg. '|') as a delimiter. The rules for alternations are simple: first match wins. If an alternation is attempted in a write directive an exception will be thrown. The other special case is when the dpath for a write operation points to a non-existant piece: the substrate is created for you and the value deposited. One caveat is that the path must be dumb simple without fancy filtering. Hash and array access (using the syntax '*[1]') into the path is supported. Please see "SYNOPSIS" in Data::Morph for an exmaple of a map using the Raw backend.



    is: ro, isa: CodeRef

This attribute overrides "new_instance" in Data::Morph::Role::Backend and provides a default coderef that simply returns empty hash references



Implements "epilogue" in Data::Morph::Role::Backend as a no-op


Nicholas R. Perez <>


This software is copyright (c) 2011 by Nicholas R. Perez <>.

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