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Git::Helpers - Shortcuts for common Git commands


version 0.000013


    use Git::Helpers qw( checkout_root remote_url);
    my $root = checkout_root();

    my $remote_url = remote_url('upstream');
    my $https_remote_url = https_remote_url();
    my $travis_url = travis_url();

checkout_root( $dir )

Gives you the root level of the git checkout which you are currently in. Optionally accepts a directory parameter. If you provide the directory parameter, checkout_root will temporarily chdir to this directory and find the top level of the repository.

This method will throw an exception if it cannot find a git repository at the directory provided.


Returns the name of the current branch.

https_remote_url( $remote_name, $use_current_branch )

This is a browser-friendly URL for the remote, fixed up in such a way that GitHub (hopefully) doesn't need to redirect your URL.

Turns git@github.com:oalders/git-helpers.git into https://github.com/oalders/git-helpers

Turns https://github.com/oalders/git-helpers.git into https://github.com/oalders/git-helpers

Defaults to using origin as the remote if none is supplied.

Defaults to master branch, but can also display current branch.

    my $current_branch_url = https_remote_url( 'origin', 1 );

remote_url( $remote_name )

Returns a URL for the remote you've requested by name. Defaults to 'origin'. Provides you with the exact URL which git returns. Nothing is fixed up for you.

    # defaults to 'origin'
    my $remote_url = remote_url();
    # $remote_url is now possibly something like one of the following:
    # git@github.com:oalders/git-helpers.git
    # https://github.com/oalders/git-helpers.git

    # get URL for upstream remote
    my $upstream_url = remote_url('upstream');

travis_url( $remote_name )

Returns a travis-ci.org URL for the remote you've requested by name. Defaults to 'origin'.

    # get Travis URL for remote named "origin"
    my $origin_travis_url = travis_url();

    # get Travis URL for remote named "upstream"
    my $upstream_travis_url = travis_url('upstream');


Olaf Alders <olaf@wundercounter.com>


This software is copyright (c) 2015-2017 by Olaf Alders.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.