This is a test client. All it does is dump the response.

The first line is the server fingerprint on STDERR
The second line is the response header on STDERR
The rest is the response itself


    gemini gemini://

Download an image:

    ./gemini gemini:// \
      > Bisse_de_Tsittoret.jpg

Download all the images on a page:

    for url in $(./gemini gemini:// \
                 | grep thumbs | cut --delimiter=' ' --fields=2); do
      echo $url
      ./gemini "$url" > $(basename "$url")

In the shell script above, the first call to gemini gets the page with all the links, grep then filters for the links to thumbnails, extract the URL using cut (assuming a space between "=>" and the URL), and download each URL, and save the output in the filename indicated by the URL.